The Silent Gods of Srivijaya
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The Silent Gods of Srivijaya
Penulis: Endri Irfanie
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Sumatrabhumi, a once formidable Maharaja of Srivijaya, refused to bend his knee to the Mongol Empire. As the Kedatuan in Malayadvipa fall one after another, the Srivijayans realizes their king should have done the opposite. Then, eventually, they find out that the Mongols were not their only enemy...

From the royal palace of Palembang to the port city of Indrapura to the remote village of Sungai Lumpur, The Silent Gods of Srivijaya narrates the dark fate of the maritime kingdom--as well as stories of a woman who fights against prejudice, an old man who tries to understand the Gods, and a king who puts his blind faith over common senses.

*Author's Note : *
1. Although several aspects are based on true events or persons, this is a pure fictional work
2. If you like Game of Thrones, there is a big chance that you'll like this novel as well
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